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Is Ethereum going to rise in 2018?


Decentralization, scalability, as well as security,  are three of the most important factors within the cryptocurrency domain, as they are the pillars which decide the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency. If anyone of the three fails to meet its threshold, then the cryptocurrency coin automatically loses its popularity as well as acceptance among the cryptocurrency community. It is estimated that some kind of trade of keeps happening between the three of the concepts. It is clearly observed that effective currency coin is highly scalable then its decentralization seems to be compromised and similar goes on for the other 2 also. Take Ripple, for example, the Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the most centralized forms of cryptocurrency but the transactional speed is highly appreciable.


Ethereum network

With the initiation of the Ethereum network in the year 2012, the cryptocurrency domain was introduced with the concept of Smart Contracts as well as Decentralized Autonomous organizations. According to the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, smart contracts, as well as decentralized autonomous organizations, provided absolute decentralization which could be effectively implemented in various real-world practical situations. The second most valued cryptocurrency Blockchain platform, Ethereum is valued at approximately, $22 billion of market capitalization. The price is also hovering around the $220 levels.


Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrency blockchain platforms

Most importantly, as the cryptocurrency blockchain platform offers a control to the developers all over the world for the development of smart contracts as well as their own customized cryptocurrency blockchain platforms. They are also enabled for the development of the blockchain powered games, most commonly known as Dapps. Dapps, in the Ethereum domain, is highly popular, as once it had clogged the Ethereum network itself due to its widespread usage.  Cryptokitties is one of the most trending Dapp, running on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Experts take on Ethereum 2018 prediction

According to experts, it is estimated that due to the incorporation of the initial coin offering process by various entrepreneurs across the world on the Ethereum blockchain itself, has rendered the widespread usage of the Ethereum network and indirectly pushing the price of the cryptocurrency platform to the skies. In a nutshell, the price prediction for Ethereum 2018 is very optimistic, as it is clearly evident from various reliable sources that they are having a similar opinion in this matter. According to some of the financial expert, the market price of ethereum 2018 would reach up to $1,000 levels.


Further Ethereum 2018 predictions

Also, one of the most popular personalities, Olaf Carlson-Wee, CEO of hedge fund poly chain capital has expressed his views regarding the Ethereum 2018 price prediction. He is of the opinion that the prices of Ethereum coins would invariably surpass the Bitcoin prices.  According to reports generated by Finder, the prices of the Ethereum coins would increase by approximately 110% by the end of this year.


Price prediction for Ethereum 2018

According to extensive Research and estimates, despite the cryptocurrency downfall during the first quarter of 2018, the price prediction of Ethereum 2018, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is bullish in nature as the market seems to be recovering. According to experts, despite the 44% fall in the price of Ethereum the prices are to reach up to $1221. as the cryptocurrency blockchain platform is predominantly based on the usage of smart contract contracts throughout the world it’s an option is obviously not going to experience the downfall therefore on a long-term basis it is estimated by the experts that the prices of ethereum coin might reach $3844.73. As greater the adoption of the cryptocurrency, higher will its value increase.



Although the cryptocurrency market, in 2018, until now, has been experiencing many ebbs and flows, it is always difficult to predict the direction of the market prices in this highly fluctuating domain. Therefore, one needs to be very speculative when it comes to the cryptocurrency investment but Ethereum is a very reliable option with its amazing roadmap and highly experienced set of team members.  

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