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Something goes amiss in Ethereum’s Constantinople upgrade

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Constantinople is the next and one of the largest upgrade on the Ethereum network. The update is expected to help the popular blockchain network undergo a variety of changes to better the developer and end-user experience.

It was revealed in the biweekly developers meeting on Friday that the upgrade has already been coded into all major Ethereum clients, including those by the Ethereum Foundation and U.K. startup Parity, the most popular versions of the software that now moves more than $20 billion in cryptocurrency.

But on Saturday, there seemed to be some issues with the upcoming hard fork, dubbed ‘Constantinople’. It was set to be activated on Ropsten at block number 4,230,000. But then some went missing and mining on the Ropsten testnet stalled at block 4,299,999 for an extended period of time, indicating that miners didn’t want to activate Constantinople or that something was wrong with the upgrade’s code base.

One of the developers Abdullah Rangoonwala wrote on a public Gitter channel, “UPDATE 18:27 UTC, 10/13/18: Block creation on Ropsten testnet continues to feature 0 transactions, indicating Constantinople may have failed to activate. Or we are mining empty blocks?”

One of the other developers Nick Savers wrote:

“Etherscan is still stuck on 4229999. Does anybody have the block 4230000 for analysis? Strange that there still hasn’t been a Constantinople block on Geth / Parity Probably won’t happen until the chain for Geth/Parity gets heavier.”

Eventually, after a long wait, the first Constantinople-enabled block was processed on Ropsten. Although this led to a collective sigh of relief, the fact that there were 0 transactions in the post-hard fork blocks was disconcerting and discouraging for the developers.

Afri Schoedon, an Ethereum developer at Parity, then took to Twitter to give the latest update. He tweeted:

“There was a consensus issue on Ropsten, which resulted in a three-way fork between Geth, Parity, and one other Ethereum client.”

He further added, “No Constantinople in 2018, we have to investigate.”

Well, this latest delay hasn’t been confirmed by other developers and we still hope that the hard fork scheduled for November is still on track.

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